Love for Kin & Kiln

Nestled in Melbourne, Australia, our studio’s journey began with feelings of home gathered into clay – inspired by a lifetime of love for kin and kiln. Starting small with the occasional weekend market, Jacqui Rae Ceramics has since grown into a full-fledged ceramics studio. Discover in every one-of-a-kind Jacqui Rae piece a contemplative vessel of joy for memories with family and loved ones, and the familiar warmth of a hug in each of Jacqui Rae’s signature unglazed exteriors.

Jacqui RAE

Ceramics is the heart of my soul - it grounds me, drives me to be better, and helps me draw inspiration from life. There is SO much around us that we take for granted. In the rat race that is today’s society, the slow craft is modern meditation that I so love - active and present.

I just wanted to share that with the world.

Jacqui RAE

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